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Teach Peace.

Teach Peace. It’s everywhere at Circle School from our website home page to the coop member painted wall in the Earth Room (pictured below). We see & say it a lot, but what does it mean to teach peace?

“Peacefulness is a form of leadership.” - Isabeth Bakke Hardy, Circle School Founder

Isabeth was heavily influenced by Russian philosopher and theorist Nicholas Roerich in creating the founding ethos and curriculum of our school. Roerich’s goal was “to consciously create a culture composed of respect for all cultures and their unique qualities, positive creativeness, and peace.” His ideas harmonize, bring together, and find correspondences between apparent opposites in all areas of life and learning, including bridging the arts and sciences.

Teaching Peace does not mean to lay down and passively accept oppressive systems or the destruction of our natural world, it is to actively seek change and bridge differences for the benefit of Mother Earth and all those who inhabit it.

It is finding respectful and thoughtful ways to advocate for yourself and others. It is learning to use your inner strength and personal values - with challenges. Teaching peace is expanding on the skills needed to connect with each other while still growing and affecting change.

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