The Circle School is the only Ashoka Changemaker School in the city of San Antonio.

We are one of only three schools in Texas (and only 80 schools in the U.S.) with international designation as an Ashoka Changemaker school, in recognition of our efforts to cultivate empathy, leadership skills, and purpose in our students, all focused on problem-solving for the common good.


In a world that is increasingly divided by violence, environmental degradation, and where many think only in terms of narrow self-interest, we represent a space where different values can be nurtured and nourished. We represent a space of hope and change where children and their families can learn about -- and practice -- peaceful conflict resolution, egalitarian cooperation across differences, empathy, and environmental stewardship for Mother Earth. 

Giving back to the larger San Antonio community, via changemaker initiatives,  is central to our mission and our curriculum: we prioritize experiential learning and immersive education in ways that let us explore, understand, and respond to social problems, inequalities, and injustices in our local community.