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Partners & Supporters

In recognition of our efforts to cultivate young people with the skills and confidence to change the world for the good of all, we were given international designation as an Ashoka Changemaker School in 2016.  We are the only such designated school in San Antonio.  We are proud to be part of The Changemaker School Network.  Our students and teachers have been actively cultivating our Changemaker program through a variety of projects.  

NatureSweet has made 3 large donations to our school, which have helped us remodel our playground and add some new elements such as the mud kitchen and monkey bars that have been enjoyed greatly by the kids. We are so grateful for their continued support of our students and unique learning environment. 

The PeaceCENTER has named our community of learning as the 2021 San Antonio Peace Laureate. The Circle School has been teaching peace to San Antonio students and families for over 55 years and we are honored to be included in the ranks of our city’s Peace Laureates. The Peace Laureate recognizes a local voice of wisdom and experience to speak for peace and justice in San Antonio.

Green Spaces Alliance has provided us with grants along with support and information to make our gardens a reality. Their most recent grant is currently being used by our Just Love Gardening Crew to add a shade pergola and other improvements to our outdoor gardening classroom. Gardening and sustainability are central to our educational philosophy.

Eco Centro has provided us seeds and support to make our gardening programs a reality for our children and our community gardens. Our most recent partnership was our Tree Adoption Event which distributed over 150 trees to local community members in an effort to re-green our urban spaces. 

The H-E-B Tournament of Champions awarded us a generous grant in 2019 that went towards updating our main building, including replacing the roof, and helping us to house the next generation of Changemakers!  

San Antonio Area Foundation Santikos Foundation awarded us an Urgent Needs Grant in 2019. This grant money was used to update our Fire Prevention System. 

Much of our day is spent outside at The Circle School, which can also mean exposure to the South Texas sun. We are proud to announce that our school has been awarded a grant for new and improved shade structures for our outdoor learning spaces. Construction was completed during the Summer of 2021.

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