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What Does It Mean to be a Family Cooperative School?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Each co-op family volunteers their skills and abilities as a way to support their children's education. All work counts equally in our co-op because all members are valued equally.

Operating as a cooperative allows the adults in our community to model for our children the

importance of working together toward a common purpose despite the different backgrounds we represent.

Cooperation and teamwork are integrated into every aspect of the educational day at The Circle School, starting with all-ages oral storytelling at each morning circle and following students into the classroom with a non-graded whole-child approach that encourages a love of learning instead of competition for grades.

Our founder Isabeth Hardy Blakke listed cooperation as one of her Seven Fundamental Skills: "Consider cooperation as the science of life. The goal --- to develop the ability to work for the joy of it and do so in harmony with others; to develop a sense of and feeling for the common good; to develop all aspects of communication including language arts skills, listening skills, music, art, etc."

This cooperative mentality expands out to the greater world, cultivating students to be impactful citizens of the earth that care for nature, the environment, and social justice for all of humanity.

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