Outdoor Time, Every Day

Students of all ages spend several hours outside, every day, because we value outside time as an intentional priority rather than an afterthought. The outdoors is our learning laboratory, in so many ways. Between free play recess, neighborhood walks, PE & yoga, gardening, snack & lunch, and outdoor lessons and explorations, the time quickly adds up. The Circle School believes that in order for children to grow to care deeply about the Earth, they have to experience it firsthand! The research-supported benefits of outdoor learning are immense and diverse.

Nature breeds curiosity, it helps to grow explorers rather than robots. It reminds us that we are part of something bigger.  It grounds us, calms us.” - Ben Palmer-Fry


Heading out for a walk is a part of class routine at The Circle School. Whether walking in a nearby park, or just around the block, our students learn to listen, look, and learn as they walk, to re-center themselves and reconnect with the natural world, while also getting the wiggles out!

Walking is one way we teach to the whole child and nourish all of our parts: body, mind, heart, and spirit.

“Go for walks frequently – walks expand vocabulary by giving the children the opportunity to look for new words to describe their world.”
- Isabeth Hardy, Circle School Founder

Providing hands-on learning opportunities to connect with the natural world is essential to growing the next generation of leaders and Changemakers.

Gardening has always been an important part of the curriculum at The Circle School. Children who spend time immersed in nature grow into empowered adults ready to take the steps necessary to conserve and preserve our planet. Our students take Gardening classes as an integrated part of their curriculum and spend much of their day learning outdoors and learning from the outdoors. 

Children grow up hearing how broken the environment is,

how broken beyond repair.

Plant strawberries together,

make wild medicines,

paint the sunrise.

Show them proof that for every act of destruction,

they can sow a seed, however small, of beauty.” - Nicolette Sowder