We strive to provide a well-rounded curriculum for each student. We currently offer art, music, gardening, and P.E. throughout the school week for all ages.



At The Circle School we believe in the power of movement. Through organized group calisthenics, students learn about proper body alignment and mechanics. Yoga practices are also a part of our P.E. curriculum allowing children to develop confidence and concentrate better through exercise.  Team sport events help the students utilize these movements in a non-competitive environment. Students also learn the importance of hydration, nutrition, and safety.


Children are exposed to the work of influential artists, taught technique, and experience the power of art. Art is an important part of any culture and our children are encouraged to bring out the artists within. 



Each class receives music instruction weekly. At The Circle School our approach to music education is based off the Orff method which aims to make understanding the fundamentals of music theory and play accessible for every child. Students learn through a mixture of singing, dancing, and instrument play.




Our students love watching their seeds grow! We have a community garden and each class has their own gardening bed. Students learn to plant and take care of their own vegetables and flowers and also composting!



The radKids Personal Empowerment Safety Education curriculum empowers children to protect themselves by providing them with knowledge, personal defense skills, and a variety of relevant information about realistic dangers in their world. Covering topics ranging from Fire Safety to Stranger Danger to Bullying Prevention to Street Safety, radKids gives children the skills they need to protect themselves and make smart, spur-of-the-moment decisions. Every student enrolled in the Circle School will become a radKid. Learn more at radkids.org.