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Teaching Peace Since 1965

PreK-8th Grade


Our Mission

Through the shared ethics and knowledge of parents and educators, the Circle School cultivates a thriving and compassionate community while individualizing education, fostering a lifelong love of learning, and providing the confidence and leadership skills needed to become impactful citizens of the world.  As a community we seek to model behavior that is neither demeaning nor discriminatory. Our goal is to foster healthy attitudes and global citizenship.


San Antonio Peace Laureates

In recognition of 55 years of teaching peace, our community was awarded the honor of serving as the 2021 San Antonio Peace Laureate by The PeaceCENTER! For more information please click here.

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Covid 19 Safety Protocols 

Our School continues to follow CDC guidelines and evidence -based policies to keep our students staff and families safe. For more informations please click here.

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