We offer fall and spring enrichment after school classes each semester that are open to the public. Each year we curate a new collection of classes geared toward creativity and logic.  Think of what you can do with an extra couple of hours: quiet times, errands, adult interactions, the possibilities are endless!

This spring we are partnering with CREA Community Consulting to offer a Creative Accelerator workshop series for students in 4-8th grade. Stephanie Finger Mendeloff, CREA founder, brings ten years of education experience as a teacher, education consultant, instructional coach, and curriculum writer to this program. The series will culminate in a showcase where students will share their final products and talk about the creative journey to bring their ideas to life!


If you are interested in being notified when registration opens for new classes, please email enrichment@thecircleschool.org.

Extended Learning

Throughout the year, children go beyond the classroom to experience their lessons. Field trips allow children to practice their social skills and be independent from their usual school setting. These experiences are meant to enhance and build upon each child’s knowledge and the curriculum already in place. Classes frequently take advantage of the neighborhood and embark on walks, exploring Mahncke Park for math, science, mental health, or other purposes. Another wonderful way to introduce children to the community at large (and vice versa) in the comfort of the school setting is through career or presentation visitors. A guest speaker can be a more logistically viable option than a field trip and yet still yield a superb learning benefit to the entire community.