Precautions & Protocols

Universal masking while indoors, cohorting of students, and distancing according to CDC guidelines have been included in our 2020-2021 school policies. Additionally, all families signed an agreement to take precautions and avoid unnecessary exposures while off campus in order to keep our school community as safe as possible. Masking while indoors will continue for our summer program to protect students that are not yet eligible for vaccination. Policies for 2021-2022 are currently being evaluated and will be updated as soon as possible. 

Being part of a small school with an adaptive cooperative community is a real value in this time of uncertainty and we have unique strengths to cope with this pandemic: a small scale community with small classes; maximized outdoor learning spaces; informed and flexible responses to the pandemic that prioritize the safety of our students; a compassionate community that takes seriously our responsibilities to protect each other. We are uniquely positioned as a family-integrated coop to creatively and constructively respond to contemporary challenges.