The school evolved into  a family-run cooperative in the early 1990’s. The Family Cooperative system enables us to provide our unique features -- small class size, a nurturing environment and enriched curriculum -- all while keeping our tuition one of the lowest in the city. Every family brings something unique to the community and as members of the Co-op, families can utilize their own personal skills to better the school as a whole. Donated hours are an integral function of the school and demonstrates to our children how people working together can accomplish great things. Communal project completion also builds strong community ties and lasting friendships! Members have the option of paying monthly co-op fees, completing co-op hours, or a combination of both.  


Families can earn hours by:

  • attending co-op or board meetings,

  • having a co-op job - work may be done at the school or at home,

  • chaperoning for field trips,

  • organizing an educational visitor,

  • participating in committee meetings and work,

  • participating in workdays,

  • purchasing requested supplies from WISH LIST, and

  • Substitute teaching  (with pre-approval). Substitute teachers have the option to get compensation via co-op hours, tuition credit, or pay. 


Co-op Meetings

General co-op meetings are scheduled throughout the year. These meetings are held to conduct official school business, such as voting on the annual budget. They are a great way to learn about what is going on in our community and to meet fellow families. Traditionally co-op meetings include a communal potluck meal.


Work Days

Each Co-op member is asked to attend at least three work days throughout the school year. Families must work at least four hours at each of the three work days. Work days are generally scheduled the second weekend of each month on alternating Saturdays and Sundays. There are also a number of work days on weekdays in preparation for the start of the school year. Special Project work days are scheduled before fundraisers and when there are special projects that need to be finished. All work days earn co-op hours.