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Board of Directors

serving our Co-op Community

 The Board of Directors, comprised entirely of current parents and co-op members, is elected by the co-op as a whole.


The 2023-2024 Board of Directors

Claire Trevino, mama to Jojo (Dream Room) & Pepper (Peace Room)

Job duties include: 

  • Supervising and managing the Affairs of the corporation and co-op

  • Serves on personnel and executive committees 

Vice President,

Erika Ortiz, mama to Corinne (Star Room)

Job duties include: 

  • Coordinates large scale plans such as grants, strategic planning, and future planning to ensure overall goals of school are being met

  • Serves on personnel and executive committees 

Lisha Spellman, mama to Delcan (Sun Room)

Job duties include: 

  • Creates, maintains, and appropriately disperses funds from annual budget

  • Serves on personnel and executive committees 

Rayen Dennis, mama to Adriana (Rainbow Room) & Camilo (Peace Room)

Job duties include: 

  • Keeps record of meeting minutes, Co-op voting, and policies/procedures of the school and non-profit

  • Serves on personnel and executive committees 

Education Director,

Elizabeth Hellsten, mama to Guinevere (Sun Room)

Job duties include: 

  • works with staff and parents to develop curriculum and learning environment in line with the mission of the circle school

  • leads hiring committees

  • Serves on personnel committee 

New Family & Enrollment Director,

Regina de La Garza, mama to Shenandoah (Sky Room)

Job duties include: 

  • facilitating enrollment and orientation of new families

  • connecting new families with the co-op and school community

Buildings & Grounds Director,

Omar Velasco, dad to Paola (Rainbow Room) & Valeria (alum)

Job duties include: 

  • coordinating all repairs and maintenance efforts of the school buildings and grounds

  • building co-op connections to utilize member skills as appropriate

Director of Co-op Participation,

Jo Lewis, mama to Atlas (Sky Room)

Job duties include: 

  • Connecting co-op members with co-op jobs and committees

  • assists & Directs community members to help them be successful in their co-op roles 

Communications Director,

Maya Shugart, mama to Xochi (Sky Room)

Job duties include: 

  • Managing the school’s public facing communications such as social media, marketing, and networking. 

  • Managing the marketing budget for the school.

Fundraising Development Director,

Eddie Rodriguez, dad to Elijah (Rainbow Room)

Job duties include: 

  • Chairing the grants committee to engage coop members in finding and applying for appropriate funding sources for our school

Fundraiser Events Director,

Adrian Gonzalez, dad to Milly (Peace Room) & Aiden (alum)

Job duties include: 

  • serving as the primary point of contact for the public events & fundraisers of the school

  • working with the co-op to encourage engagement and community building

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